Walking in Newcastleton

Walks Around Newcastleton

Set in the scenic Liddesdale valley Newcastleton or Copshaw Holm as it known locally is a perfect place to enjoy a range of walks for the outdoor enthusiast or the family.

With numerous local walks around the village and surrounding countryside ranging from 3 km to 18km and forest walks from 0.5km to 9km Newcastleton has something for everyone.

Whether you enjoy a short walk round the village exploring the history of the settlement, a more adventurous walk across the English Border or a trip into the forest to watch the wildlife and enjoy the scenic views – Newcastleton has it all.

Please remember the forest routes may also be used by horse riders and mountain bikers so please be considerate to other users.

So before you put on your boots and set off remember to follow the Country Code and safety information provided.