Stick dressing classIt is thought that Stick Dressing classes in the Village date back to approximately 1958. Exact details are a little hazy but reliable information would have it that they were started by Geordie Jackson, before he took the Langholm classes, and later carried on by Willie Scott. The first class is thought to have had the following in attendance, Dick Jackson, Alex Forester, Bert Oliver, Adam Little, Leonard Parkin.

The legendary Leonard Parkin then took over for many years until his young scholar Drew Oliver, took up the challenge in 1988 and has continued for the last 18 years.

Courses run every Monday,Tuesday and Wednesday evenings between 7pm – 9pm for a 10 week period up to Xmas and a further course of 10weeks after Xmas. In that time you could make 2 beautiful sticks.

For enquiries regarding the classes contact Drew Oliver - 01387375475