Newcastleton Tapestry

This tapestry tells the village history.  Every square represents an event or a location which characterises our village.  It is well worth the while to take a few minutes and read all the squares - when you finish you will understand much more about how Newcastleton evolved.

As a member of the Liddesdale Heritage Association and a former needlework teacher, Jean Elliot was asked to organise and embroider a wall hanging to commemorate the 200 year history and interests of Newcastleton. Work began in 1991 when a list of subjects was drawn up by the Heritage Committee and a meeting of needlewomen and artistic people in the village and neighbourhood took place.

The enthusiasm and interest was terrific. After several meetings discussing designs, finance, materials, etc, twenty eight ladies and one gentleman began. After 2 years and millions of stitches the 36 squares are completed and framed by Ken Taylor and Stewart Inglis. The overall size is 6' x 5'. The work is of a very high standard and is quite beautiful. Professional designers were not employed and the simplistic nature of the designs gives it a rustic charm.

The following pages illustrate the squares that make up the overall tapestry which can be seen in all its glory at the Heritage Centre in the village.

Open Good Friday  to 31st October daily from 1.30-4.30pm, except Tuesdays. Private viewings can be arranged. For further information contact the Chairperson on 013873 75756.